The Cake Girl

For those of you that do not know me, please allow me to introduce myself; Katie Anne Watts was born in 1980 with a slice of cake in one hand and a kitten in the other!

After a happy childhood at Vine House Farm, with cake for breakfast every day, it was inevitable that I would surround myself with cake as an adult, to eventually set up my own cake company, Couture Cakes, in 2007. The family farm forms a core part of the business, as I regularly raid their home grown raspberries, carrots, sunflower oil and free range eggs.

Here I am (in the red pyjamas) being led astray by my big sister Lucy, with the same mixer that I used to set up Couture Cakes

The world as I know it, revolves around, cakes, kittens, and cuddles. When not in my studio I can either be found in my pyjamas or rescuing my latest batch of feral kittens, or both.

Here is Madam Fergie taking a break from terrorising my fathers precious garden birds.

The last, but most important member of the team, is my very patient boyfriend, who soon learnt that if he was to see anything of his girlfriend, he would need to become fully familiar with cake deliveries and wedding shows. 

Here Ian is with his personalised work shirt, kindly gifted to him by his friends. Oh what wonderful friends.