Ingredients for a Perfect Wedding

Couture Cakes
If you love weddings almost as much as you love cake, then Couture Cakes should be your first port of call after your Prince gets down on bended knee!

Liza Smith Make-up & Leanne Eldridge Hair
A girl without her hair & make-up done professionally on her wedding day is like a chav without a mobile phone! Liza Smith & Leanne Eldridge make a fantastic duo, and adapt to any style, to make a girl feel like a million dollars!

Dottie Photography
Once the flowers have wilted and the honeymoon is over, the best wedding gift you can have given yourselves is the memories you captured on camera by enlisting the help of a truly professional photographer. For quirky & original photography, Mandy & Zoe from Dottie Photography are simply unbeatable.

Dottie Creations
Whether it be strikingly unconventional or charmingly pretty, Dottie Creations will create wedding stationery to ensure no guest can refuse an invite! They can even create your own website thats styled to your stationery & linked with your Dottie Photography - how cute is that!