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It's no good, I can resist no more! I've finally relented to the creation of the Couture Cakes Blog, so that I can update you all with the little world of mine that revolves around cakes and weddings!

Being the relentless perfectionist that I am, nothing less than a dedicated photo shoot would do! Hence the pefect excuse to recruit the 'Dottie' photograher, Mandy Carter! I adore the quirky sense of humor Mandy incorporates into her work - bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to weddings and formal photo shoots!

When meeting Mandy, you will be first greeted by her over excitable, hand nibbling, snoring, Pug-dog Ken, who's the true star of the show! So first and foremost, Kens glamor shot is required. But this is a cake blog I hear you cry? Ok, here's a pic of Ken with cake, launching the first of our taste bud ticklers!

God knows how Mandy managed to stop him actually eating these cakes, but apparently my creations for our latest photo shoot weren't quite so lucky! 

Here's a sneaky peak at the photo shoot...........

.....and if you want to see more.....I mean more of the quirky cakes and biccies we provided (what else would you think I meant?), as well as Mandys fab photography, then subsribe so you're updated with my next post!

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