I'm Feeling the Vibrations!

Being stuck in the middle of a sleepy little village on a rural farm, we don't get much excitement, but this week we have the pleasure of a set of rather young and sexy set of builders (we love a bit of rough!)

Those of you who've visited Couture Cakes will know how our cake decorating studio is positioned on the first floor of our semi-converted barn, as until now my father has retained the other half of his precious barn as a pottering shed for where he keeps the feed for his beloved & rather spoilt garden birds. But, with a little help from my mother (she's claiming her farm house kitchen back from being overtaken by cake baking!) we've finally managed to prize him off it! So, whilst father is in a stink mood about being 'pushed out', we're  totally oblivious, because we are literally feeling the vibrations of the builders (working) below us! It really does feel like they're following us around, every time we sit somewhere else upstairs, it seems like they also change their mind to drill & bang right below us, ooh la la!

To cut a long story short, if you're booked for a consultation over the next few weeks, please excuse the mess outside until the conversion has finished.

Here's the team from Bailey Builders

A rare sight - builders bums that aren't over weight!

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