Janet and Ernest @ Eastnor Castle

Having worked closely with Janet throughout the 18 month design process for her cake, and hearing about all the beautiful details she had planned, her wedding was eagerly anticipated!

It was a true honor to be chosen by Janet, as despite being able to take her pick of suppliers from London (where she lives) or Herefordshire (where her wedding was taken place), she chose Couture Cakes to design & create her wedding cake, requiring her to take the 100 mile trip to our studio for her design consultation, and our 130 mile trip to deliver her cake to Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. I love a girl that knows what she wants, and will let nothing get in the way of her getting it!

Janets guests enjoyed layers of cappuccino, haazelnut praline, banoffee & vanilla cake, chosen because they are herself & Ernest favorite flavours

Some of my favorite touches include the pearls draping from the candelabras, the magnificent horse & carriage, and the heart shaped Chinese lanterns (which was the last time lanterns were allowed to be released from the castle), and the spectacular dress! Not just one dress, nor 2, or 3..... but 4 dress changes! Janet & Ernests Chinese roots enabled her to celebrate both with English & Chinese ceremonies, warranting multiple wardrobe changes worthy of a hollywood red carpet!

Yet, above all the endless perfect styling, it was the love that shines through that is so truly touching about their wedding, evident in the emotion portrayed in photos of the church singing, speeches, and endless tears that were shed. Even the rain parted at the most opportune moments, a true sign from god!

Photography: Ken Lam Photography


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